Tuesday, August 14, 2007


As a few of you may know, I recently ventured back to Texas for a long weekend. Which ended up feeling like a week (at least) due to a lot of activity. Not that I had anything planned mind you. Actually I had no plans at all, beyond eating things and visiting and staying up too late and sleeping in, at which I was remarkably successful.

I also managed to make a purse for Ebony (happy birthday Ebony!), and make coin purses for others with the leftovers, visit with both sides of my family (all of the grandparents, which is a miracle in and of itself, and no less than 6 cousins if you count spouses), and track down our repeat offender escapee cat. My mom talked me into yoga twice, and I am still feeling the after effects. It was freakin' hot in Texas...like lay in your living room languid on the couch because you have lost the will to move hot. I shopped at my favorite cheap jewelry store, went to a Target that was not completely stripped free of sale clothes, and visited the new hip store that Sarah's managing. I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and still managed to miss my flight, and as such had to take one that left four hours later. Yep, FOUR hours. So I finished reading one mindless fluffy book and then bought another. Part of me felt a smidge guilty, in that I should probably be reading something more high brow, and even though I recognize it's pretty much a waste of time, I still have to admit that I enjoyed myself immensely, and it was a great way to push through an entire day. Plus, a girl can only be so intellectual on 4 hours of sleep.

Coming home to Arlington is a little less hot, a little more crowded, and a little bittersweet. Apparently I'm going to be straddling between here and there for quite some time.

Oh, and my car died. Awesome. So for another $600 (that brings the total to a whole, whole lot that I've put into my car this year) it will be fixed and ready to trade in for something more reliable. Any advice on that front would be very, very welcome, if any of you are so inclined :). It seems like such a grownup sort of thing to face.

So tomorrow, back to work. And oh, there is so, so much work to be done. So. Much. Work. But it was totally worth it.


Ava said...

Can't decide if you're going to stay here or go back to Texas...

Stereoette said...

tag, you're it ;o)

come to my blog to figure out why.

also? dont go back to texas. come to new york!