Friday, June 15, 2007

With all of my talk of crafty-ness, I still haven't posted a darn thing. That's not going to change today :).

However, in my recent craft-like activities, I attempted iron-on transfers. I, along with girls in my church small group, decided that volunteering to help out with the t-shirts for the vacation Bible school would be great. I loved going to VBS as a kid, and the thought of helping out with that is great. Also, how hard can it be to make t-shirts? I'll tell you...really effing hard.

Jill and I made it through a rockin' 10 shirts in 2 1/2 hours...and most of those didn't look all that great. How many are we supposed to do, you might ask? 100. 100 preschool size t-shirts with four iron-on transfers per shirt. It's going to take FOREVER. And in the end some cute kids are going to be walking around in some wonky-looking shirts, so I apologize in advance. At least know they were made with love (and some minor amounts of curse words, burns, plastic melted on irons, etc.).

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Stephanie said...

Did you say FOUR iron ons per shirt?!