Saturday, June 02, 2007

Here comes Peter Cotton tail...

Oh, internet...where did a whole month go? More than that even. I have been one busy girl, if I do say so myself. So what happened?

Well, first, Barbara got married to this great guy named Zach. And I flew back and got to hang with everyone. And it turns out, there are a lot of you that read my blog, and I had no freakin' clue. So now I feel like such a slacker, and since the wedding was May 5 and that's where I heard all about you blog-readers, you would think that I would have updated more. But that's where you're wrong...

Because I came back to a new position at my job! It's only a seasonal promotion, but it comes with an office, with a door that I can close, should I choose to do so (although I haven't yet). I have to give the office back in October, but it's good experience for me, and lets me use my brain in all sorts of new and interesting ways. But leaves sadly little time for internet perusal and/or blog writing.

Last weekend I went to West Virginia, home of...John Denver? Was he from there? I mean, I know "Country Roads" references it, but it just could have been that he liked it there. We had a very historical afternoon at Harper's Ferry, and then drove through a town with the world's best diner-like/hometown fastfood place (they had FUNNEL CAKES, people. And FRIED CAULIFLOWER. I cannot begin to tell you how delicious fried cauliflower is...I don't think I'm going to be able to go back to it healthy-style). If you ever find yourself in Fairmont, West Virginia, give me a call and I will totally hook you up.

So after the grease-binge, we drove on to a state park that also had a nice lodge to stay in (they called it a resort, which sounds fancier and snottier than it was, though it was really very lovely). It was right next to a lake, where we kayaked. That's right, I, Rachel, paddled a kayak around a lake. And LOVED it. Wasn't even sore the next day, which I think is totally a fluke thing. I felt like such an Amazon though...I mean, KAYAKING. Me! We also spent a ridiculous amount of time at Wal-Marts (yep, plural) because we first needed snacks, and also I forgot pajamas. At the first Wal-Mart stop, Kandi found $1 sequin tube tops for each of us (there were exactly 4 left! Providential!), which will perhaps be making an appearances at an upcoming 80's concert, assuming I'm feeling brave :).

My most recent adventure today involved a last minute decision to stop into the so-named "Oriental Grocery Store" that is across the street from my house. I have all these fresh herbs, because I had this romantic idea that I could grow them in my window box, and holy cow, I can, but whoa are there now a lot of herbs and I really haven't had a great deal of time to cook with them. So I decided to make spring rolls, and what better place to buy the wrappers and noodles than the local asian dive grocery store? The best part though was the 10 minutes I spent gawking in the frozen section. Have you ever seen an entire frozen eel curled up in ziploc baggy? I have! Also, whole frogs, crates of fishes with scales and eyes still there, and random bags of stuff labeled (helpfully) as "seafood." It was the most fantastic and horrifying thing I have seen in a while.

Well, I do believe that is enough rabbit chasing for the night. I'll be back than last time, anway.

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Ebony said...

$1 sequined tube tops! I can't believe you left that detail out of the phone version of this story. I say an absolute Hell Yeah!! for it's 80s concert appearance.