Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Text message redux

This idea was blatantly stolen from another blogger, which I think should be taken as a compliment, because it's such a good one.

In no particular order...

"Don't ever make out with your son."

"Hiney. I hate the word hiney."

"Toothless man @ bus stop just smiled at me and said 'Hola.' I am so impressed and flattered. How very multicultural of him. Or not at all. Even a little bit."

"Whiney white boy music at tonight's concert. Bleh!"

"There's a woman at the bar w/ light-up shoes! Thought u'd appreciate that."

"I do what I can for my nation and its people."

"What Ninja Turtle am I?~ ~Raphael.~~Sweet."

"Damn you extreme home makeover for making me sit here crying like a baby"

"When you stand beside the ocean, i hope you feel small."

1 comment:

Ebony said...

Sweet! I totally made the list. And I must say, it is truly a funny thing going back through old text messages...good times indeed.