Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New York germs

I love my government-contracted job in that I get all the little stupid holidays off. Not that Presidents' Day is stupid or anything, but I remember being in school and thinking "if it's a holiday, then why am I in class?" Fortunately I was able to take a very special bus trip up to NY to see the former roommate and spend some time in a glorious city. After I spend a weekend there, I realize that DC is not so much a city as one gigantic suburb. But I digress...

We had fun singing karaoke and drinking rum on Friday, Saturday consisted of wandering around and hanging out in cute pseudo-Irish pub, and on Sunday we saw a musical and the Gates. The Gates were pretty entertaining, if for no other reason than everyone in New York, city-dwellers and out of towners alike, were talking about them. You can just imagine the Southern accent: "Y'all, we flew all the way up here to see these here Gates..." Don't lie, you know you just really wanted to get some good shopping in. However, I am now feeling a bit under the weather after my long weekend away, and since everyone is blaming the Gates for all of the crowds, etc in New York, I'm going to blame my illness on them as well. I obviously have Gate germs.

**This post has been brought to by NY germs, Nyquil, and my oh-so-lovely down comforter.**

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