Monday, February 28, 2005

My Oscars thoughts

1) Why is Beyonce singing in French? There are lots of French singers, get one of them. Why is she singing a song that is supposed to be sung by a male tenor? I do not approve. Of the idea or her very lame attempt at a French accent.

2) Could Sean Penn be any more self-important?

3) The LAMEST award of the night: a "Humanitarian" Award for film preservation and a fund that protects people solely involved in the motion picture industry. Thus proving that movie people are in fact just as self-centered as we all imagined.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm surprised they didn't have Beyonce singing the Spanish song too (which Antonio Banderas butchered, by the way).

Chris Rock, meanwhile, was freakin' hilarious.


Anonymous said...

For real! Kicking Minnie Driver off the show and replacing her with Beyonce singing the song from Phantom in an effort "to reach younger viewers" was a poor choice. Why kick people off after you've already booked them and they will do a better job?

Ebony said...

I wanted to reach into the TV and shake Sean Penn. Um, excuse me, but you used to be married to Madonna, taking yourelf seriously now is not even an option! Learn to laugh, or suck it!