Sunday, September 18, 2011


Actual conversations that happened at my going away happy hour. For context, I had stated my intention that despite moving to Texas, I would root* for the Phillies in honor of all my Philly friends. For reference, both of these guys have long-term girlfriends.

G (Phillies fan): I wish we were dating so I could propose to you RIGHT NOW.

(5 minutes later)

M (Mets fan): I wish we were dating so I could break up with you right now, on principle.
F (Phillies fan): Yeah, we actually hate the Mets.
Me: Okay, duly noted. I have so much to learn!

*And of course, by root, I mean that I will hope they win if I notice a game is on or something...I'm not going to start memorizing stats or you know, paying attention or anything :).

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