Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quote o' the Day

"He's Just Not That Into You is a more offensive version of The Rules, the self-help book that advises women to pretend to be dead in order to get married." (emphasis mine)

Tanya Gold, The Guardian


danielle said...

you might appreciate this read too:

Rachel said...

Um, you are correct! I should note that I actually thought the movie was cute, albeit predictable (helps to go in with NO expectation that it will be any good). Seriously still hate the "Rules" though.

iddaa said...

very nice your blog..

RachelShingleton said...

Hey, fellow Rachel... I was photographing some of my journals from France the other day, and I fell upon this little piece of ephemera that reminded me of you! Scroll down in this blog post to see -- http://rachelshingleton.wordpress.com/2009/02/13/sketchbooks-love-letters/
I saved a note you had written to me & Missy about going to Cap Ferrat. Anyway, it made me nostalgic for those days and I thought of you!