Monday, October 29, 2007

Follow Up: Whoa, Y'all

Okay, so I'm a bit impulsive. I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes, but every now then I just jump directly into something with so little forethought it is quite incredible.

Take for instance, this contest thingy I posted. I don't regret this a bit, mind you, but now feel totally like the weird kid who thought that this fall party was a costume one, but it is fact NOT and now I'm the only person in a room full of adults dressed like a lady bug (or a rabbit, a la Elle). I did NO research whatsoever, and come to find out this group of bloggers are all some serious moms. For the real. Except for Anne, who got me into this in the first place :). I have no problems with moms. Really...I read some mommy bloggers regularly, I have a mom, I would like to be a mom someday, but I'm soooooo nowhere near that now. So imagine my surprise that most of the other blogs are giving away kid/baby related stuff. Awkward.

All that being said, I still think the concept is awesome. And I'm still totally making that hat and scarf. And if you're here reading because of this, and you're a mom with a blog (and probably a church-goin' one at that!), you are more than welcome and I will gladly check out your site as well.


Mockingbird Hill said...

About the giveaway...I am no longer a "mommy" having moved into the "mom" zone several years ago, and my next move will be to "grandma" but not any time soon, I can assure you. I was new to the whole giveaway thing, which is a fab idea, and while my Paula Dean cookbook works for just about anyone, I can really only use the Starbucks gift cards. I just did a Halloween giveaway and had a blast with that, and I didn't have to give away one teddy bear or pair of socks! There is a point to this rambling...thanks for signing up for my giveaway and stop by anytime!


Sonya said...

LOL! There are tons of other things be given away as well so don't feel bad. I think handmade things are one thing that many of us treasure and want to win. I'm giving a way a book if you're interested. Martha Peace's The Excellent Wife.

Sandy said...

If it makes you feel better, there were lots of others giving away hand-knitted, hand-crocheted or hand-sewn items. I'm past the baby stage, so I am delighted to have something I can use for myself rather than a baby gift that I would have to give away- and I don't have anyone at all who makes things for me anymore :-). Thanks so much for your generosity!

Lissete said...

I'm a mommy. But my "babies" are 17 18, so I definitely have no use for baby stuff! BUT, there are tons of other contests too. Plenty of gift cards to be won! If it's something I can't use, I skip to the next. There are over 600 giveaways! I entered yours though and I'm in Miami! But we love to travel and sometimes we go to cold places so it will come in handy!