Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hold the presses!

I am cat-sitting for a friend for a few days, and I packed for the night in quite a hurry. So this morning, I didn't have the following: toothbrush, clean socks, or makeup. You read the last part right - MAKEUP. None of it.

For the first time in my entire adult life (at least that I can remember), I am at work without a stitch of makeup on. No mascara, no powder, nada. It feels surprisingly the same; however I will be avoiding any mirrors and will be operating under the illusion that I look pretty much the same. Is it Wednesday yet?


Ava said...

I'm sure look as beautiful as usual, Rachel, but this is hysterical!

Sarah said...

I know you are just as gorgeous as always but even more important than no make-up (at least in my world), did you have your skin-care regime with you?

Rachel said...

No worries, Sarah. I had everything but the makeup, so no skin-care issues arose :).