Monday, January 08, 2007

Last Night Was Fun

Someone said this to me, in front of a big group of people:

"I understand what you're saying, but I get sort of nervous when you're telling me things, because I feel that while you're talking, it's like your hands are also telling me something really important that I'm missing. Like your friend is drowning in lake and needs help. And I don't know whatever sort of crazy sign language you're using, so I'm letting the friend drown. And then I also miss whatever it is you're telling me with actual words, because I'm really worried about your friend." Hysterical laughter ensued. I'm a hand-talker, no apologies for that :).

We had some really intense U2 discussions. If you want to endear yourself to me in a quick fashion, just be able to discuss random U2 trivia, or obscure songs that only hardcore fans would know, or similar. I mean, I won't rule you out as a friend if you don't know a thing about the band at all, but an abiding love for all things U2 at the beginning of our friendship will get you big bonus points.

On the drive home, I heard a favorite song on the radio, which I promptly cranked up and sang along to. It makes me want a blue-eyed boy so at least half of the lyrics will be true. If you catch that reference, are a blue-eyed boy, and like really talkative girls that gesture wildly when story telling*... um, call me?

*I choose to believe that someone will one day find it charming and not annoying. We shall see...

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Sarah said...

That song is the JAM! It always makes me feel better instantly when I put it on and I too wish for a blue eyed boy to meet my green-but-sometimes-look-brown eyed self.